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        Karen Eich Drummond, EdD, RDN is an author and co-author of trade educational cookbooks for children as well as college textbooks. She enjoys making nutrition accessible and practical for a variety of audiences, and maintaining a voice that is independent of the food industry. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for over 40 years, she has been the Director of Nutrition Programs at Drexel University (Philadelphia) and worked as a foodservice director and consultant in onsite foodservice as well as Training Director for a regional foodservice contractor. She is currently updating textbooks and teaching at Delaware Valley University (Doylestown, PA). 

       Karen worked with Joan D'Amico, an exceptional and creative recipe developer and educator, to develop a series of children's educational cookbooks that were published by John Wiley and Sons between 1995 and 2005.  The first book, The Science Chef, proved to be so popular that a second edition was published in 2020.  The titles of the other books in the series are listed here.

       The Science Chef Travels Around the World 

       The Math Chef 

       The Healthy Body Cookbook 

       The United States Cookbook 

       The U.S. History Cookbook 

       Coming to America Cookbook  

As of 2023, the series has sold over 210,000 books. The American Booksellers Association awarded "Pick of the Pack" to The Science Chef Travels Around the World in 1996. 

       Her college textbooks include Nutrition for Foodservice & Culinary Professionals (10th edition, 2022, Wiley), Nutrition Research:  Concepts and Applications (2nd edition, 2023, Jones & Bartlett Learning), and Foodservice Operations and Management (2022, Jones & Bartlett Learning).  Her textbooks enhance understanding and application of important concepts and skills.